The Fortnite cube and ATK make an amazing partnership!

The Cube is easily the weirdest thing ever added to Fortnite. It looks like something game designers use as a fill in for a proper object. However, it acts in a way that means it is probably meant to be there. It gives you shield, it will attack when you annoy it, and it will send you flying in the air. It certainly has made for some amazing clips from some of the top players around.

Since it’s introduction, the cube has been a mystery, and no one has any clue what it is about. While it can be beneficial and annoying in public matches, in Playground, it is incredibly fun. That is if you have an ATK handy to do some tricks.

So, we decided to figure out what the ATK and the Cube would be like together and it turns out it is fantastic. First off, I tried using it as an elevator which does actually work. You can bounce off it and drive forward quickly, and it will move you higher and higher.


Pro ATK trick master

However, the best way to use the ATK and cube is by making a big ramp! Add a few bounce pads and it will make it a lot harder to control but will send you absolutely flying. As you can see here, we just made a standard ramp and hit the cube plush. With this, we were able to get to an over 700,000 trick score!

While this is by no means the highest score you will ever see, it might be up there without using some weird bugs. We do reckon though that if you create a safety net of bounce pads around the cube might make it even easier to get a high score.

Either way, why not send us your clips with the ATK and the Cube to our Twitter account at @Elecspo!

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