Is competitive Wrecking Ball overpowered? We reckon it will be.

Wrecking Ball has been out a few weeks now and is already causing mayhem in Overwatch. A massive swinging mech-ball piloted by Hammond the hamster sounds impressive. That’s because it is.

One of the best things about Wrecking Ball is that when he’s on the objective, he’s a nightmare to deal with. If you can get the grappling hook on a post or wall on the point, you can swing constantly, building up speed; and almost invincibility frames.

Wrecking Ball swinging?

He’s a very, very strong tank but is currently unavailable in competitive. Some Reddit users are anxious about his entry into competitive, however.

Wrecking Ball OP?

While he is not quite as strong as Winston, the mobility, speed, and ability to dish out severe damage does make Wrecking Ball a very high-tier tank.

We’ll be hoping that Blizzard will be able to find a way to fix how you can swing infinitely on an objective. Annoyingly, Lucio isn’t even able to push him off a point with his Soundwave.

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