Is a Call of Duty 2019 singleplayer all but confirmed? Well, sort of!

One of the biggest things that have happened to Call of Duty in 2018, is the removal of a traditional campaign. There was a time when the COD campaign was very much the main reason that you bought it; with the multiplayer being a nice add-on.

However, with the reveal of Black Ops 4, and the rise of Battle Royale games, singleplayer campaigns in games have fallen by the wayside.

Though some fans were thrilled that Treyarch would be looking to take more time on the multiplayer aspects – others feel like they’re not getting their money’s worth.

Job Opening

via LinkedIN

Well, though fans will have to go without in 2018, in 2019 it could be a different story, following this job listing made by Infinity Ward.

They are looking for a Narrative Script Writer who has a strong love for first-person shooters. This all nods to the 2019 Call of Duty title having a singleplayer; at least a more traditional story mode. All signs point to a solo campaign – but they could take a leaf out of the likes of Destiny or The Division, and do an MMO style campaign.

Inifity Ward has yet to comment on what the job listing is for, and with the 2018 addition of Call of Duty not even out until later this year, it is unlikely that we will see comments on a Call of Duty 2019 singleplayer quite yet.

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