Incredible we saw a player from Cloud9 teabag Tarik and it was totally amazing.

Day four of the ELEAGUE PREMIER was a bit of shock for FaZe Clan and Cloud 9 as they were both eliminated.

While Counter Strike side, Cloud9, haven’t been their best since losing both Stewie2K and Tarik, FaZe have been in decent form, after all, they won ESL Belo Horizonte a month ago. However, it felt like the return of Olofmeister had meant not all players were on the same wavelength.

With these two huge shocks came some fantastic plays and we’re going to take a look at some of the best from the fourth day of the event.

Xizt ruins FaZe

FaZe just were struggling against Fnatic, especially against Xizt who mowed them down as they grouped up.

Skadoodle still Cloud9 4lyf.

While Tarik and Stewie may have left Cloud9 for MiBR, Skadoodle has stuck by the team and got some filthy revenge against his former team-mates. Some really nasty awps here, especially the no scope.

FalleN’s god shot

Sure, he dies straight after hitting this shot, but the speed it takes to flick up to someone jumping around a corner is mind-boggling.

Tarik gets teabagged

“I want to win” – Tarik reveals why he left Cloud9 for MiBR

A little bonus clip because this was too good not to include. After leaving C9 high and dry by going just a couple of weeks ago, his old team-mates are not so happy with him. So, when Rush killed him to win a round, he duly tea-bagged him, leaving Tarik looking pretty shocked. Seriously, can you believe or did you ever think that we would see someone from Cloud9 teabag Tarik!?

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