Hashtag United need YOU for their first Gfinity series.

Want to play for one of the biggest esports teams on YouTube? Well you can, if you think you’re good enough!

Hashtag United are looking for some players for two of their newest teams in Rocket League and Street Fighter V after the team signed up to become the tenth and final team in GFinity’s Elite Series.

The successful YouTube channel, with more than 300,000 subscribers, took part in the EE Cup last year which pitted them against fellow FIFATubers, the Sidemen.

Their current eSports roster consists of Ryan Pessoa, August Rosenmeier, Harry Hesketh, and Ivan Lapanje; and you could be next.

So how do you join? Well, you need to qualify for the draft which allows some of the best players to come and snap you up before the tournament starts in March.

Just sign up for the GFinity challenger academy series for Rocket League, FIFA 18 or Street Fighter but only if you make it into the top 30 of the respective league table.

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Once you’ve made it into the top 30 then you will be part of the draft and could just end up with the likes of Hashtag United, EnvyUs and footballer owned Ares.

One former winner a similar academy tournament was Harry Hesketh who is currently playing for the team.

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Speaking with Gfinity, Hesketh said: “Get involved in Gfinity, that’s how I started and it gives you a good way of seeing just how good you are and where you need to improve. Playing against the best possible players is crucial.

“The scene has changed so much since I’ve got involved, so many opportunities to showcase your talent are popping up, just make sure to make the most of every opportunity presented to you.”

Since joining the team, Hesketh has started his own YouTube channel and now also has over 350,000 subscribers so that could very, very well be you if you do get drafted.

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Plus, if you make it on to the team, then you could snap up a decent percentage of the prize pool which was a massive £250,000 in 2017.

You can sign up for the Gfinity Academy HERE: https://challenger.gfinityesports.com

Good luck!

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