Liquid Poach on Myth shows just how determined the TSM man is to be the best.

One of the biggest shocks in Fortnite’s competitive scene has been the performances of Myth. At one point, he was thought of as being one of the best Fortnite players in the world. Arguably, he was one of the first to really show how to build and edit with serious skill.

You might remember how Myth rose to prominence; when he killed Summit1g on several occasions by masterly outbuilding him. With the captaincy given to him for the TSM Fortnite team, we all expected Myth to do very well in the first official Fortnite pro events.

However, he has still never placed in the top ten despite playing in a whopping 7 weeks of events. It does seem that Myth is well aware of his issues, but he has come under lots of criticism, especially from fans, for his performances.

His friend and Summer Skirmish winner, Liquid Poach spoke out on Twitch and shared his thoughts on the problems.

Part 1

Part 2

It’s not a roast that he hasn’t done super well in the Skirmishes. I mean he’s aware of that, it’s placements. But I’m saying it’s the first tournaments, and he puts in a lot more time than most pros, he wants to be the best.”

“The time will pay off if he continues. I’m just saying; he gets a really bad rap from a lot of people who don’t put in the time that he does. You can’t hate on somebody for trying when other people in his situation are not trying nearly hard enough to get better.”

Myth will get another chance to improve on his Summer Skirmish placements in the final event this weekend. While there are likely to be more events later in the year before the Fortnite World Cup and pro-circuit next yet, Myth will want to do well here. It will be interesting to see if Liquid Poach on Myth will change if he continues performing poorly or does even better.

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