This is how to do the new FIFA 19 first-touch system thanks to one of the best FIFA players in the world.

One of the most significant changes to FIFA 19 has been the addition of the new first-touch system. There are loads of new animations, and basically, everyone – even lumbering centre-backs – can do nice first-touches.

You can now do really lovely flicks, feints and tricks to deceive your opponent when receiving possession. With passing now being much harder to master, especially driven balls, your touch does need to be silky smooth. So if you combine a drive pass with a nice touch, you should be able to get past players and open a bit of space up.

While we’re not the best to give you a tutorial on it, pro-FIFA player Hashtag Boras definitely is. In this video posted yesterday, one of the world’s most successful FIFA players gives us everything we need to know about the first touch system.

One of the best things to take away from this video is the R1/RB touch. This move allows you to trick the opposing player in different ways. If you hold RB after the ball has been passed and then move the left stick to the direction you are looking, you will do a nice no-look move or flick.

You are best off mastering this in kick-off or any offline game modes before jumping into online play.

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