Professional FIFA18 player Hashtag Boras has revealed the differences between playing FIFA online and in a competitive setting.

Boras, aka Ivan Lapanje, is widely regarded as one of the best competitive FIFA players of all time and currently ranked number one in Sweden, so when it comes to his opinion on the game, it’s probably time to listen.

Speaking on Futhead’s weekly FIFA podcast, the Hashtag United player revealed his opinions on several aspects of the game; from transfer market crashes to the problems with Icon cards.

However, us being an esports sit, we were all ears when he started talking about the key differences in playing FIFA at home in a tournament to playing it in an arena.

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“The gameplay speed can be really different and obviously there are new screens and settings will be changed. The game build will also be different – it’s the same game code but just as we’re playing from home and playing online it change to be very variable and which speed the game is running.

“There are a lot of factors, you also have new screens and nerves to contend with – it’s so different playing in a tournament, to playing from home. After a couple of games you get used to it and this year you have so many games that it gets easier.”

Most recently, EA have come under fire for their lack of action despite the #FixFIFA campaign being started pretty much alongside the launch of their 2018 title. It actually took the team more than 5 months to fix one of the most game breaking issues — the kick-off glitch — something which even made it into the recent FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona last month.

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As well as the glitch, players have complained about how different the game can feel, not only from game type to game type, but from day to day on the same game mode, such as Ultimate Team. One day it may feel sluggish thanks to net code lag, frame rate issues or even input lag and the next day or even a few hours later it may feel as smooth as you would expect from the flagship football title.

With the FIFA Interactive eWorld Cup coming up this summer, EA and a whole wave of sponsors — as well as the players — will be hoping that the game is performing to its peak in order for a competitive and balanced tournament. And no doubt we’ll be seeing Hashtag Boras representing Spencer Owen’s Hashtag United in the competition.

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