So, is this what the confirmed Fortnite Season 5 theme will be?

One of the strangest things leading up to Fortnite Season 5 has been all the whole Agent stuff.

So far three agents have appeared around the world, confusing everyone; Agent #3678, Agent #3742, and Agent #6483 precisely.

Their numbers apparently spell out Fortnite, Epic, and Nite, suggesting they are employees. This is some next-level viral marketing!

So far we’ve had a giant Durr Burger found in the Californian desert and numerous Llamas appearing throughout  Europe. There’s also a strange number which you could call,  giving you a spectrogram to solve.

You Found ‘Nothing’

via Reddit

All of this is leading us to Season 5 in some way, but it is very challenging to decipher.

Yesterday, Agent #3678 baffled us some more with his Instagram live stream. During it, he dropped a book he was reading to a specific page with certain letters circled; these ended up spelling out ‘nothing’.

The book he was reading was “Return to the Stars” by Erich Von Daniken which “presents the theory that extraterrestrial beings have visited the Earth throughout this planet’s existence”.

What does this mean for Season 5?

Well, it looks like the map will now be shaping up to have various civilisations within it; from the Egyptian sand Vikings – right up to the Wild West. While we thought it would be totally history-themed, it also looks like there may well be some UFO stuff thrown in there as well – maybe a classic grey alien, or a UFO glider.

One thing is for sure, with one day left until the start of Season 5, Fortnite fans are incredibly hyped, and Epic’s marketing team deserves a serious pat on the back.

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