So, is the Fortnite Double Barrel shotgun bad? We’re not convinced.

The new Fortnite Double Barrel Shotgun has been released for a few days now, and the verdict is in; it’s trash, apparently.

While we got our review up yesterday, letting you know it is a bit of a monster at close-range, the internet has now shared their thoughts.

As usual, like anything added to the game, there are varying opinions about the weapon. A lot are claiming that the gun is pretty rubbish. As for us, we’re not sure that we agree with that.

The comments, mainly found on Reddit, have claimed that it just does such little damage it is useless.

Fortnite fans aren’t too impressed

Got to be honest, not impressed with double barrel.
byu/Storied_Knight inFortNiteBR


Is it really bad?

Well, we think people aren’t quite sure how to use it!

The patch notes (and some common sense) should clearly suggest that the double-barrel is for close-quarters. Literally, the only time when you should use it is when you are either in a building with someone or if you land on their base.

If players got to grips with its use-cases, maybe they’d have a bit more luck.

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