This is how to unlock D.Va Nano Cola skin – how sweet is that?!

In celebration of the new Overwatch animated short and new map, we’re getting some pretty sweet D.Va cosmetics. The Shooting Star short showed D.Va battling those pesky omnics again, as she looks to protect Busan.

Busan is currently available to play on the Public Test Server and gives us a helpful insight into D.Va’s hometown. As for the cosmetics, we’re getting some fantastic sprays, emotes, and skins that are very easy to get. In fact, you can earn while either playing Overwatch or just kicking back and watching it on Twitch!

What are they?

There is an epic skin which is set around one of D.Va’s sponsors, Nano Cola. In fact, the two sprays are both Nano Cola themed, as too is the new player icon.

As for the Twitch loot, you can earn up to eight lovely sprays, showing off the many sides of our favourite pro gamer.

How do you unlock them?

Okay, the in-game loot is probably the easiest to unlock, with you just needing to win 9 games. That’s it!

You can do it in quick play, competitive, or arcade – meaning you should have no problem at all. Add to the fact that you have until September 10th, if you can’t win 9 games between now and then, you need to have a word with yourself.

via Overwatch

The Twitch loot is a bit more awkward. Each day, streamers will have special loot drops enabled. To collect all the sprays, you need to watch a cumulative 8 hours on these streams. Again, thankfully, we have until September 10th to do this, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

What twitch channels do I need to watch?

Overwatch shared this list on their blog post yesterday:

Seagull  – Aug 28 –
Mirage – Aug 29 –
Fran – Aug 30 –
Anak – Aug 31 –
Afiz – Sep 1 –
Tyr0din – Sep 2 –
Zondalol – Sep 3 –
Cooruja – Sep 4 –
Kimjaewon – Sep 5 –
esl_degun – Sep 6 –
NadiaCala – Sep 7-
Kephrii – Sep 8 –
Valkia – Sep 9 –
AimBotCalvin – Sep 10 –

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