Wondering what the biggest 2019 esports will be? Well, we reckon these four will be totally massive.

Esports is only getting bigger. This year we have seen the success of the Inaugural Overwatch Leauge, Counter-Strike continuing to go from strength to strength, and the rise of PUBG and Fortnite.

You might think that it is all a little too late to jump onto the competitive bandwagon; you’d be wrong. In the past, we have reported on what esports games you should be getting into. Well, now, we’re going to try and throw a very early prediction out and guess what will be big in 2019.

Will Dota and League of Legends still rule the roost or will a new game come along and take over the reigns?

Here are four esport scenes we think will be huge in 2019:

1. Smash Bros Ultimate

This will probably be the hardest game to master, but if you can, we reckon there will be a lot of money on the line. While it isn’t coming out until December, and Nintendo is somewhat notorious for not fully supporting their competitive scene, there is no way Smash Bros Ultimate will fail.

With sales of the Nintendo Switch now hitting close to 20 million units, everyone and their Nana will be playing Smash Bros Ultimate. Oh and with Banjo Kazooie likely to be playable, we absolutely cannot wait to play this.

It should be one of the biggest 2019 esports.

2. Fortnite

I know, I know. However, as sick as you may be of this game you cannot deny it’s popularity. Don’t listen to your older brother’s mate who reckons the game is dead, Fortnite had 125M players in June alone. The first ever competitive season is set to begin next year, hopefully following a format akin to the Overwatch League.

Epic has got $100m ready in prize money, and once they sort out how tournaments will work, it should be the biggest esport around.

3. Overwatch

The first season of the Overwatch League was terrific. There was drama, bans, fines, and some truly incredible plays. However, Season 2 might be even better, with several new franchises added and one in Toronto now rumoured.

Overwatch is another game that you might think is dying off. However, play numbers peaked at more than 84 million in May! With constant support from Blizzard, and not really any competition in the hero shooter market, Overwatch will continue dominating.

4. Call of Duty Blackout

We’re still trying to figure out how a Battle Royale game will translate in a competitive gaming setting. There are so many variables that it makes balancing and likely winners very hard to predict. However, with a massive brand like Call of Duty and the correct formula, they could push the likes of PUBG out of the way and move into second place.

The multiplayer already has a strong competitive scene, but if big name players from PUBG and Fortnite move over to playing Blackout, who knows where it could go.

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