The Fortnite Week 8 challenges have been leaked online.

Most Fortnite players love the challenges. It really is a great way to boost your chances of getting that tier 100 skin, and that very nice Blockbuster skin.

According to these leaks shared on Reddit and Twitter by reliable source ‘the Storm Shield one’, we’ll be asked to get headshots and to search between a bear, refrigerator shipment and a crater… maybe.

Search chests in Salty Springs

You’ll need seven of these chests to complete this challenge – that might be easier said than done. Salty Springs is always a popular place, so expect loads of competition for them.

You might be best to do this one next week once the area has calmed down a little bit.

Deal headshot damage to opponents (0/250)

This one should be dead easy if you have a sniper rifle and know how to use it.

One headshot from a sniper does 200 damage. Land one headshot with the sniper, and then ping someone in the head with an assault rifle, and you’d be done. Easy!

Search 7 chests in a single match

Typically, in solos, you’ll find 3-4 chests wherever you land, and then a few more scattered around the map. If you play in squads or duos, this one might be harder, so you’ll have to take it in turns.

Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park

This one should be alright, as long as you’re confident with your gunplay.

You can land in Pleasant Park to make things easier, however as long as you eliminate someone in the town, you will complete the challenge.

Search Gnomes on the Map

This is the one that has got us doubting the legitimacy of this ‘leak’. I mean, we’ve already done this challenge in season 3, so could we really be asked to search for those damn gnomes again.

Search Between a Bear, Crater and Refridgerator shipment

Though I’m struggling to think where exactly this is, my money is somewhere between Lonely Lodge and the Containers.

Eliminate three opponents with suppressed weapons

The silenced SMG is a surprisingly good weapon, and the silenced pistol is now even more usable – thanks to the slight ammo boost.

We’ll find out in a couple of days whether or not these are correct, but for now you can start planning your next week of Fortnite.

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