This is how to find Dusty Divot treasure.

We’re now into the seventh week of challenges on Fortnite, as we all get closer to that level 100 skin. It looks like the leaked challenges we posted earlier this week have turned out to be correct. We will be asked to search chain search chests, get kills in Lazy Links and find the next treasure map.

While there are a few easy ones this week or easy compared to some of the Week 6 challenges, the treasure map is a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully though, many people have already found it and given out tips!

Where is the treasure?

The map is a bit confusing at first, but the treasure is really close by. All you need to do is go near Dusty Divot and head north towards the large stone head. If you walk east from there down the hill, you will see three trees and between them is the treasure.

What are the easy ones?

The chain one might look a bit hard at first, but you don’t need to do this in one game. This allows means you could spread it out in five games.

  • Step 1: Search a chest in Pleasant Park
  • Step 2: Search a chest in Retail Row
  • Step 3: Search a chest in Lucky Landing
  • Step 4: Search a chest in Greasy Grove
  • Step 5: Search a chest in Paradise Palm

Next up is the eliminations with SMG’s which you should get done in one game. You could get it done with another challenge and get the kills in Lazy Links.

All these challenges look they will be pretty easy to complete and it will help us all get closer to the level 100 and the Roadtrip skin.

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