So, is Fortnite double-pump back in after the latest patch?

Fortnite v5.30 patch is now live. In addition to adding a new item, Epic Games has made some significant changes. Season 5 has not been the greatest meta, with the ‘spray and pray’ winning out over ‘aim and building’.

This new patch does add the very handy Rift-To-Go – which you can read about in our piece from earlier today. However, the gameplay changes other than the new item are much more critical. Epic Games have revealed all the new changes in their latest blog post.

So, what is new?

Well, for starters, pump shotgun equip time has been reduced from 0.96 seconds to 0.88 seconds. While this doesn’t sound massive, we will see a subtle difference, and it looks like we could be able to kind of double pump.

Another significant change is to clingers. These explosives have been a massive problem of late thanks to materials being nerfed. The typical strategy has been to throw a clinger, shoot the wall and then let the clinger do the damage to the player.

A visual representation of how bad console deadzones are.
by inFortNiteBR

Next up is a very nice change for anyone on Xbox or using an Xbox controller. We wrote a piece over a few months ago about how Xbox controllers had aiming dead-zones, and your aim would be slower despite pushing your joystick very hard.

Finally, one of the things that may seem like a minimal addition, but one we think will be huge; your weapons will now reload all by themselves! As long as you have ammo for the weapon, it will automatically reload while you have them equipped. This will help if you switch to a gun that has low ammo in the clip it will auto reload.

Is it a good patch?

Absolutely! The new item is really cool and the changes to the overall gameplay and various bug fixes are extremely nice. The biggest thing though, it does look like Fortnite double-pump is back at least in a less powerful way.

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