Wondering when Fortnite starter pack 3 is out? Well, we reckon it’s likely to be this week.

It looks like the third Fortnite starter pack could be released at some point this week. We know that the newest starter pack will feature two cosmetic items, the ‘Ace’ skin and the swag bag back bling.

However, it was expected that the skin would be coming out in the Fortnite v5.30 content update. Sadly, that didn’t happen, but it could now come with the new challenges which will be released later this week.

Similar to the Wingman skin, the Ace skin is set to have a white and red colour scheme. While it isn’t the best-looking skin we’ve seen, it does come with some serious benefits. You get 600 vBucks and a pretty sweet back-bling that will undoubtedly go well with any of the burglar skins.

How do I get it?

Well, it isn’t actually out on the item store. However, if you are on PS4, you can now redeem it on the PSN Shop. This could suggest that the skin will be released on PC, Xbox and Switch tonight or later this week.

Why will it be this week?

The Wingman suit was released in Week 7 of Season 4, so it is likely that we will get it before the Week 8 challenges.

How much is it?

Like the two previous starter packs, it will be £4.99.

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