This is how to Fortnite Season 5 fast farm and Epic Games haven’t tried to fix it yet.

Remember Fortnite fast farming? It was a way to help you get your materials in a fast manner. Especially with the fact that Epic made you have to hit an extra time for most materials.

Initially, the first fast-farming glitch allowed you to quickly swap between hitting a tree and switching to a building. Then, it was all about mapping the wave emote to the mouse and switching between hitting and then emoting. Again, that was patched once Season 5 had been launched, leaving us having to take forever to build up materials.

You might be wondering if it is now impossible to fast farm? Well, fear not, you still can.

In fact, there are now several ways to perform the exploit and until Fortnite decide to patch it, we won’t judge you for taking advantage of it.

Here are two ways to fast farm in Fortnite season 5:

Scroll Wheel Glitch


This one is probably the easiest to master, but you will need to be playing with a mouse and keyboard. All you do is bind an emote – such as the 200 IQ, Ace Card or even the Rock, Paper, Scissors – to mouse wheel down and then bind jump or crouch to mouse wheel up.

Next, go up to what you want to destroy, hit it then quickly go mouse wheel down and up then hit it again.

Ace of Spades Glitch

Really, this will work with most emotes, but the ace of spades is the most popular.

Bind your emote locker 1 to your right mouse button (or any button you’re not using on console). Then you go up to a tree, hit, emote, jump, and hit – in that order.

This one takes a little more getting used, and enemies will see you emote if you mistime it, but at least it’s good for consoles. Let us know how you get on!

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