Here’s our Fortnite Season 5 review and we’re not so sure at the moment.

Fortnite Season 5 has been out a few days so now seems like a good time to have a talk about it.

We were hoping to be transported back in time to the wild west (perhaps even further back). However, what we got was a weird mixture of Norse mythology and well, real life.

I may be missing the point here, but Season 5’s theme comes across as very confusing, right? Sure, Epic Games did say that ‘World’s were colliding’ but is that really a theme?

I’m not that convinced, but I really do like the new skins, emotes and every other cosmetic item they have added.

More Map, More Problems

The biggest problem for me is that the map is just HUGE.

Don’t get me wrong; they have added enough stuff to help traverse it; the all-terrain kart and portals. However, even with them, it feels like getting across the circle can feel like a chore.

While that was the case if you landed at Moisty Mire in the original game, with just how massive Paradise Palm is, it takes FOREVER to get done there. There is so much loot, and so many players going there that you will find yourself engaging in a lot of combat.

Boredom Royale

Technically, the map isn’t any bigger than it was before, so it could just feel like this thanks to the fact that it is a new area. But it feels like it has led to one of the worst things that could happen to a Battle Royale game; boredom.

You can go for a very long time before engaging another player. This isn’t like when you land in an out of the way location either; I landed at Pleasant Palms and Tilted Tower expecting a battle and came across three players combined – not exactly what you expect.

I also made my way to Salty Springs, and the entire town was unlooted – this was in the second circle, and more than 90% of players had already died!

125 Player Lobby

Now, when you move to the end game, it feels incredibly manic; due to the weird changes to storm 7, 8 and 9, you are forced to duke it out.

This could be with as many as six players left, and it will have you wondering who will make the first move. Again, this does make the end-game more exciting, but it feels like Fortnite has fallen down the traps that both PUBG and H1Z1 did; the mid-game is utterly dull.

Unless you are an incredible player who knows how to cut off others rotating the storm, chances are from circle 1 onwards you likely won’t see anyone.

Hopefully, Epic Games find a new way to keep the mid-game meta more excitin. Until then, we will wait and see how the map plays once the excitement of Season 5 calms down.

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