This is how to use Fortnite Rift-to-Go.

Another week and another new item added to Fortnite. They really must be whipping their development team or paying them time and a half or something. This week see’s the inclusion of the non-lethal item, Rift-To-Go.

Rifts have easily been the best thing added to Fortnite during Season 5. They’ve allowed players to rotate the map, get away in horrible fights and chase after some fools. While there are lots of rifts across the map, they do disappear after a few seconds of use. This can be a little annoying when one of your team-mates forgets to rift and then is left back in the storm while you’re chilling in the safe zone.

Thankfully though, Epic has made that a little more comfortable with the introduction of the rift-to-go. The item gives players a portable rift that will work just like a usual rift, but you could have up to 8 on a single team.

How rare are they?

They only come in Epic rarety. They can be found in chests, supply drops, vending machines, and llamas.

How do you use them?

Basically, you just switch to them. Unlike something like a slurp juice or mini-shields, you don’t have a timer before they work. There is a brief animation, but that lasts like a second. You could accidentally switch to them, but hopefully changing back doesn’t lock you into the animation.

Are they good?

Yep! Very helpful, especially if you are stuck with the storm on your ass and no regular rifts in sight.

But are they OP?

Nope. Obviously, they are a little annoying if you’re in a battle and someone rifts away. However, that is no different to someone using a bounce pad or launch pad.

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