Daequan Season 5 shotgun nerf opinions are pretty much spot on.

Various Fortnite streamers and pro-players have revealed their thoughts on the Season 5 changes.

This season has been one of the most-hyped events in Fortnite’s history. Players have wondered what would happen, and what the theme would be about.

Well, we were treated to two new named locations, Lazy Links and Paradise Palms and an incredible Viking-themed area; including a sizeable snekkja-esque longship.

The new patch also brought various changes to weapons, with double shotguns a thing of the past thanks to a pretty significant switching delay. The SMG’s have even been toned down a bit, but are still very prevalent in the meta.

Daequan Dishes Out The Dirt

So, what are the best streamers and pro-players saying about the changes? Well, TSM’s Daequan believes that double-pumping should be brought back because it wasn’t particularly good.

This does seem like a fair argument, especially with all the nerfs and changes to how shotguns work.

As Daequan points out, they are no different and probably weaker than the shotgun-SMG meta that has really taken over in recent weeks.

He also points out that materials should be buffed, so you get more per hit. We’d have to agree with him there. Since the fast-farming exploit was patched, gathering materials is a real chore.

SypherPK shared Daequans opinions on Shotguns, with him believing that the speed on the pump-pullout is too slow.

It will be fascinating to see how Epic Games reacts to these comments from two huge content creators.

Previously, they have been very good at finding a delicate balance for new players and professional players – but will we ever see double pumping back in the game?

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