Fortnite fast-farming banned after Season 5 patch.

The days of getting loads of materials really easily are over as fast-farming gets nerfed. Epic Games revealed a few weeks ago that fast-farming was a clear exploit; they stated it wouldn’t be sticking around much longer.

There was an expectation that fast-farming would be punished by Epic dishing out bans. We were pretty sure that that wouldn’t quite be the case as it’s difficult for them to police. So far, this has been the case; I took advantage of the exploit and haven’t been banned (yet).

No More Farming

There are many annoyed Fortnite players who enjoyed the exploit, with FaZe tfue being really affected by that change.


There are many more players who are happy to see it removed, correctly pointing out that it shouldn’t have there to start with:

We’ll now be waiting to see who is able to find a new way to fast-farm after Epic nerfed the two previous exploits and for plenty more debate about the benefits.

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