I can’t wait to get my hands on the Fortnite Dual Pistols.

We usually get the Fortnite update on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, we had to wait until the early hours of Wednesday for it to drop this time.

Luckily for us all, the wait was totally worth it; update v4.5 has surpassed our expectations…

So what is so great about this patch? Well, we will tell you… dual ‘freaking’ pistols! Yes, you can live out all your favourite John Woo films and duel-wield until your heart’s content.

There are, of course, other changes too, so let’s dive right in.

How do the pistols work?


You can’t just pick up two standard pistols; instead, you will need to find them in floor loot and chests.

They come in epic and legendary rarity, and you will be able to shoot both pistols at the same time with one click. Interestingly, they don’t use light ammo, but rather heavy.

They also do a whopping 41-43 damage, meaning you could drop someone in seconds.

What other changes are there?


There has been another nerf to shotguns (sigh), reducing the damage they do to structures by 50% for pumps and 25% for tactical and heavy shotguns. On top of that, ammo now drops in stacks of 4 shells, not 5.

However, on the upside, explosives will now do splash damage, whether or not they are visible from the centre of the explosion, and they’ve got a fresh new cosmetic explosion.

Anything else?

Yep, they’ve changed submachine guns:

Tactical SMG

  • Removed first shot accuracy.
  • Increased base accuracy by 25%.
  • Lowered the sprinting accuracy penalty by 15%.
  • Lowered the ADS bonus by 10 %.
  • Increased damage by +2.

Silenced SMG

  • Increased base accuracy by 10%.
  • Increased ADS accuracy bonus by 20%.
  • Increased damage by +2.

Fantastic news, I say; they were already quite underrated and were just as useful as shotguns up close.

Okay, what about bug fixes?

Well, here are a few of the most important ones because so much has been changed (full patch notes here):

  • Boogie Bomb explosions are no longer blocked by vehicles.
  • Thermal Scoped Rifle will now consistently exhibit intended accuracy while in scoped in.
  • Clingers can no longer stick to players through the ceiling or floor.
  • Spike traps placed on a ceiling no longer damage players on the floor above.
  • The Thermal Scoped Rifle no longer highlights opened chests.
  • Weapons will no longer appear to fire while switching weapons under certain network conditions.
  • Items dropped in water now stay above the water’s surface.
  • Excessive fall damage is no longer applied when under certain network conditions.
  • Supply Drop crates no longer briefly persist in the world after being opened if it was shot down.
  • Smoothed out the location of all soccer balls and basketballs while under varying network conditions.
  • Players are no longer able to hit building weak spots through other buildings.

We can’t wait to start playing v.4.5 and will have a full review of the changes up tomorrow.

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