It looks like the Fortnite ghost footsteps bug is going to be fixed shortly!

One of the most annoying parts of Fornite v5.10 wasn’t the building nerfs or Compact SMG. Sure, they were infuriating, but what we’re talking about it something that has bugged players far more.

What’s so Infuriating?

Well, after being in a fight with someone and killing them, you might have noticed it sounds like there are more footsteps for a few seconds. These ghostly walking sounds are so annoying, leaving players feeling like someone else has pushed them.

The worst part of all of this is when you pass it off as a bug, then someone really has pushed you, and your guard is entirely dropped.

More footsteps after a fight from FortNiteBR

Thankfully, Epic have noticed the bug and will be looking to fix it in the new patch – likely to be released next week.

“I’ve gone ahead and tossed this over to our QA team so they can dig into this. We’ll also keep our ears to the ground for additional audio issues,” posted Epic Games representative, ‘MrPopoTFS’ on Reddit.

Update: A fix was just put in for this issue that will be applied once the v5.20 Patch arrives.”

We have got to wonder how and why these bugs are being added to the game despite the amount of money and time Epic has had to polish the game. Hopefully, V.520 will not have any of these really annoying bugs that have been plaguing players.

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