Trust us, Fortnite duels are the next big thing for this ultra-popular game.

Fortnite may well be the biggest shooter in the world right now, but if you’re like me, you might be looking for a way to freshen it up a little. Sure, coming out victorious is nice, and some cool kills are always enjoyable, but there must be a way to spice it up a little.

Well, thanks to popular streamer Jared ‘Summit1G’ Lazar, we have a great new way to enjoy the game. Over the past couple of days, Summit1G and his friend MiniKerr have come up with a brilliant addition when playing with a friend; duels. This inventive way to enjoy playing with friends, while making sure you give a top performance in the game, has caught quite a bit of attention from fans of the streamers – with more than 30,000 concurrent viewers watching these duels play out.

What are Fortnite duels?

First off, you and a buddy need to join a 1v1 lobby, searching for a game at the same time. Hopefully, you’ll match up against one another – however, if you don’t enter the same lobby, continue the game. Once in the game, you go head-to-head with your friend, looking to get the most points possible from your performance throughout the game.


What is the point system?

via Summit1g

The screenshot (above) will explain just about everything you need to know about how the scoring system works.

You get points for a selection of activities; having the most kills, winning games, opening air drops, and killing your duelling player.

However, you can also lose points by getting killed by the opposing duelling player, finishing outside the top 50, and falling to your death.

Should I try it?

Absolutely, and the scoring system is very much just a template, so you can adapt it how you wish. My friends and I change things up a little; adding points for successful sniper shots over 200m, and killing someone with an impulse grenade.

One more thing, it certainly makes the game a lot more fun, and actually helps you improve your game. Players need to try and get the most kills, pushing them to improve their aim, but they also need to think about building and positioning, to avoid dying early and losing points.

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