The Fortnite Double Barrel Shotgun has been released, and it is a bit of a monster.

Something needed to be added to the game to help change up the heavily favoured SMG meta. This pretty much made the game unplayable at times, with players just moving forward, firing, and winning battles.

That along with nerfs to shotguns have caused severe issues to the meta, so Epic Games needed to do something to fix it.

And then comes the Double Barrel Shotgun!

This is not anything that will be destroying people from miles away. In fact, it won’t do any damage from about five floors onwards, and as little as 11 damage at three floors away. That might not sound brilliant but get it up close with it, and it will obliterate anyone!

Is it good?

Oh god yes! While the heavy shotgun might have a really tight spread, the Double Barrel Shotgun has a very wide spread. With ten pellets getting fired, if you hit someone with them all, you can do 150 damage per shot! This means that double-tapping them will shred everything.

How should I use it?

Like with all Double Barrel Shotguns in gaming, you should always double-tap. The reload isn’t too long, so doing it isn’t a bad thing. Just beware, you may sometimes get caught out if you miss both shots.

Is it OP?

I’ve played three games with it and didn’t think it was. By doing such little damage at range, it seems balanced. The most important thing to remember is that it only comes in an Epic and Legendary rarity so it should be dominant.

Should I use it over any other shotguns?

This is a tough one. I would potentially say that you should use the Double Barrel Shotgun over something like an SMG. With that being said, it is viable to just use a Double Barrel depending on your playstyle.

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