Is the Fortnite double-pump returning?!

One of the most annoying things about the recent meta in Fortnite is that pump shotguns feel useless now.

Epic Games has made it quite clear that they don’t want one weapon to be too overpowered. So they totally nerfed the double-pump scene and made both the pump and tactical shotguns very weak compared to something like an SMG.

The SMG meta is just awful, allowing players to just spray and typically win because of nerfs to buildings and shotguns.

Daequan wants Double Pump to Return

Unfortunately, the spray and pray way of playing that has popped up in recent weeks has led to a lot of players asking for buffs to shotguns. Daequan has been quite vocal about why the spray and pray meta is not a good thing.

The SMG meta is causing all sorts of problems and is certainly making lots of us here hate on the game.

Double Pump Returning?

Luckily, one of the Fortnite devs has revealed there will be changes made. Speaking on Twitter, Eric Williamson explained that double-pumping might be viable, in the future – sort of.

Interestingly, you are still able to switch between shotguns such as the Heavy shotgun and the double-barrel. However, neither of them are quite as adaptable than the pump.

Hopefully, it will be the V5.3 patch that brings back a big buff for shotguns. Let’s put an end to the spray and pray meta.

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