As if things couldn’t get any more exciting for Epic Games, they revealed their $8m Fortnite Summer Skirmish event.

Posting on Twitter last night, Epic Games revealed that there will be 8 weeks of these Summer Skirmishing; culminating in more than $8m of prize money being dished out to the best duos.

Sadly, the first week isn’t open to just anybody and instead is invite only.

Top of the Line

Thankfully though, some of the best Fortnite content creators and pro-players have been invited; there are some very good duos taking part.

Interestingly though, while there are some huge names included, such as FaZe tfue, FaZe Courage, Nickmercs and Noahj456 it genuinely appears that some of the biggest players around aren’t involved in the first week.

The likes of Ninja, Dakotaz, Daequan and SypherPK didn’t join in with the numerous creators who tweeted that they are playing in the first event.

While the next event will be open to players that Epic feels have contributed to the community, or showed their skill as a pro-player, it is strange to see some huge hitters miss out on the event.

With that being said, Myth did tweet this last night:

This could suggest that Myth will be added in the future events, or is just keeping his cards close to his chest about if he is playing this weekend or not.

One thing is for sure though; we’re looking forward to seeing just how good the next 8 weeks of skirmishing will be!

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