Are we going to see Fissure leave LA Gladiators?!

One of the biggest shocks in esports over the past week was that LA Gladiators dropped Fissure for their Overwatch League playoff match.

Fissure is regarded as one of the best tanks in all of Overwatch. He was, however, kicked to the curb in favour of iRemiix during the clash with London Spitfire. While the Gladiators came away victors against the Stage 1 champions, it was the Fissure dropping that caused a stir.

The Gladiators released a statement on Twitter; one that didn’t really go into any detail as to why Fissure had been dropped. All fans got was an explanation that iRemiix would be playing and that he has been training with the game.

Fissure Unhappy with Gladiators

This led esports journalist Rob ‘Slasher’ Breslau to comment what his sources have revealed on Twitter.

Slasher went on to claim that Fissure wanted to be on an all Korean-speaking team. He was looking to make a move over to Seoul Dynasty before the start of Season 2 of the OWL.

Incredibly though, Fissure actually hit out at these claims in a response to Slasher. He later made a statement of his own, calling all of the previous claims nonsense.

What is really going on?

Well, Slasher is a very well respected esports journalist and is usually right about these things, so it makes you wonder if he has touched a nerve with Fissure. I’m sure we will find out as soon as Season 1 of the Overwatch League winds up where Fissure’s future lies.

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