Here are FIFA 19 Web App tips to help you make loads of money.

If you are a FIFA fan, then today might be your favourite day of the year because it is web app launch day! Well, if you have EA Access Premium, you can even play the game today. However, for most, the web app will be the first chance to get a team together that they hope will be able to challenge through the divisions.

You might be someone who uses the web app a lot, but your actions in the first few days of FIFA Ultimate Team can set you up for an entire season. To do this though, you will need to understand a few things that can give you plenty of coins to spend on once the market drops.

Here are five top tips you must do on FIFA 19 Web App:

1. Don’t buy packs with coins

If you can transfer over some FIFA points, then go ahead. However, if you get coins through player sales etc. try and not spend them on packs. The chances of you getting a Ronaldo or Messi are very slim. Save your coins for trading and the full launch.

2. Trade correctly

Do not, I repeat, do not use buy now unless it is an incredible deal. Always look to do things via bids. If you are selling a high-level gold player, put them at a low starting bid and slap a high buy now on. This should promote plenty of bidding. However, you could also just set it at a high price because people can be stupid.

3. Do the SBC’s

Want free packs, consumables or players? Well, do the SBCs! These could be as easy as putting one player into a team to get a reward. They also give you an excellent chance to open packs without really spending anything on them. You should definitely look out for any players that might be hard to find for the most difficult SBCs. These usually go at a hugely inflated price, especially before the games full release.

4. Always check the 59th minute

Whether you’re buying a player or fitness card, the 59th minute is a haven of cheap deals. Some players just want coins and will sell items on the cheap that you can re-sell for lots of profit. Always pick up fitness cards around this time as they are an easy way to make money at launch.

5. Experiment with silvers

Trading in silvers can give you a lot of profit. If you snap someone up because you know they are 5* skills or lots of pace, they will sell on for a profit. Look at markets such as France, Italy or Spain for players you think will end up being used by players.

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