FIFA 19 patch 1 is here and it does fix a lot of issues but not the big ones.

FIFA 19 may have only been officially out for a week, but players are already annoyed about gameplay. Many believe that everything is wrong in the game, from the defending, the passing, the timed-shooting – heck even the grass looks weird on PC.

Well, less than seven days since launch, EA is set to put out a patch, but they are not bending to some fans and their demands. In previous FIFAs, the start of the game would bring a new mechanic – whether it be more concise passing or slower defending, and people would get mad. Then EA would revert it back to how it was and then everyone complains that FIFA never changes.

Posting on their website, they said: “Due to community feedback, we are planning on limiting changes to Gameplay and only making targeted fixes in an effort to keep the balance and feel of the game consistent while we continue to gather feedback from players.”

Thankfully, this patch is something which doesn’t make drastic changes but does make fixes to some bugs. Posting on their Pitch Notes section on the FIFA website, they revealed the following:

Addressed the following issues:

  • The power bar for Set Piece Kicks in an Online Match was sometimes incorrectly going to 100% when the player had requested less power.
  • Sometimes, when the player requests a regular (laces) shot, they will get an inside of the foot shot animation instead.
  • This inside of the foot shot animation would usually result in the shot having less power.


Addressed the following issues:

  • Some Traits that no longer had any functionality in gameplay were still displaying in the Front End.
  • Some Traits that did have functionality in gameplay were not displaying in the Front End.
  • Added (CPU AI Only) to the names of Traits that only have an effect on players when they are controlled by the CPU AI.

There is a load of other changes you need to have a look at and you can do so on the FIFA 19 Pitch notes section. This might not be what some fans have wanted, but what else are you gonna play, PES?!

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