Who should you pick up in the FIFA 18 Team of The Week 37?

Though EA has released the 2018 World Cup mode for FIFA, there will still be plenty of people playing the standard Ultimate Team game. While we love the World Cup mode, you won’t be getting informs in there, so the base Ultimate Team is where you will find a lot of the player base, especially since they’ve probably spent a fair chunk of change on it.

So, if you are looking to splash the cash to get some more players, we have got three excellent buys that you should consider from Team of the Week, this week. Get your FIFA points and coins at the ready, because here’s our list…

Unfortunately, it is a stinker of a team.

1. Roman Alessandrini – 13k

For 13,000 coins you are getting a player with a left foot like a thunderbolt, and someone that even pros have been using as a super sub. He has double star, 95 pace, 88 shooting and 95 shot power – pick up Roman, and you are getting a whopper. There is a market crash going on too, so he will be dirt cheap, and perfect for a hybrid – or even just a French squad. Easily the best player from Team of The Week 37.

2. Max Gradel – 10k

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For discard value, you can get a winger with 89 pace, 83 shooting, and four-star skills, which is pretty nice, right? He’s not the strongest player on the ball, but his dribbling and pace are nice, and he has a brilliant link to the Player of The Month, Wilfried Zaha card.

Again, we’re clutching at straws this week, so blame FIFA and give us a break.

3. Christopher Jullien- 10k

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We needed a defender and I’ll be honest, this one isn’t that bad. In fact, I liked his base card enough that he was on my starter team. This inform is actually pretty impressive, with him having 82 defending, 85 physical, and 74 pace. He’s got 91 strength, so he can certainly be a commanding centre-back, especially in a three.

Another one for discard value, he’s worth a punt, right?

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