FIFA 18 Team of The Week 32 has been released and this one includes some different faces. Usually, the Team of the Week is just Ronaldo, Messi, and a whole bunch of other players that EA knows will bring in all that sweet pack money.

Incredibly though, 6 out of the starting 11 are new inform cards for this year, with the likes of Alexandre Lacazette and Marco Reus included. Interesting – this may just be as a come back following supposed ‘leaks’ for the Most Consistent Team of the Season. Many of those ‘leaked’ squads included faces such as Marco Reus and Alexandre Lacazette, who haven’t received an inform so far this season.

EA made over $1bn through micro-transactions in 2017, but does it hurt competitive FIFA?

Anyway, it may be week 32 and I may have just thought of doing this feature each week… but let’s look at some of the players and if they will be worth it.

Alexandre Lacazette (250k coins): Worth it

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If you’re like me, you will have snapped up the One to Watch card in the hope that he would bang in loads of goals and you’d make loads of money on him. Sadly, his card ended up being a little bit of a waste until now when he has FINALLY received an inform.

With 89 positioning, finishing and agility he should be a deadly hitman and one that should have no problems playing as a lone forward. He has good strength, pace and passing.

Marco Reus (120k): Worth it

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The inform Marco Reus from FIFA 12 is my favourite inform of all time. I can just remember being able to do rainbow flicks before smashing in a long-rate effort against just about anyone. It won’t be the same, but this card does look very good, and the CAM positioning is perfect.

I wouldn’t play him as a striker, but certainly as a CF or a CAM. For the price, you’ll be getting a whole lot of player.

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (400k+): Worth it

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400,000 coins does seem like a lot of money right? However, for that, you are getting an incredible player and you are really paying for those extremely high stats. He is the perfect centre mid but can play as a CDM, a CAM or even a striker if you’re feeling crazy. With 88 shooting, 88 passing, 88 dribbling and 89 physical with 4-star skills, what more could you want?!

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