The FIFA 18 kick-off glitch has been fixed!

After months if not years of demanding change to the way FIFA Ultimate team is played, EA has finally given in to community pressure.

The Fix FIFA campaign was pushed out almost on launch with FIFA 18 as players decided they’ve had enough of the bugs, glitches and microtransactions that plagued the game.

Honestly, this has been truly needed if EA has any plans of being taken seriously when it comes to competitive gaming.

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Sure, the game has been on the competitive scene for a while now – even having its own FIFA organised world cup.

However, the glaring errors that even casual players have noted meant that really there was no way the game was ever going to be eSports ready unless they made some changes.

Well, thankfully, EA have listened and rolled out a new patch which has made some way to fixing their game and getting the community back on their side.

Incredibly, this is only the 6th patch on a game that has been out since September last year, but we’ll let them off for that.

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What does the patch do?


Honestly, how could anyone take this game seriously when whoever is kicking off basically has a free goal just because they can cheat the games system?

It was a problem that saw waves of players leave the game until it is fixed.

And thankfully it has been, with patch 6 notes revealing that defensive players will be more compact from the kick-off whist attackers won’t be so aggressive that they swamp the opponent.

They have also addressed the fact that your defence, midfield and attack was leaving massive gaps between each other — closing this looks to have also fixed the issues.

It also stops cheating…we hope

Finally the kit selection screen has been fixed – via

FUT Champions has become a big business for EA, YouTubers, Streamers and casual players.

But it was revealed late last year that even professional players were finding was the cheat the system and avoid each other or lose on purpose to their friends.

When loading into a game, you will no longer see your opponents kit, in fact, you will see your opponent wearing whichever active kit you didn’t select.

While these are obviously important fixes, especially ahead of the FIFA 18 Global Series, it has taken them more than 19 weeks to fix these issues.

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