The Fortnite Heavy Sniper wall-bang dreams are over and we are not happy.

When the Heavy Sniper was leaked, we thought it was going to combat players hiding in buildings. In fact, we even did an article on it yesterday, Sadly, Epic Games has baited us and let us down!

Interestingly, this has been a big problem of late, with players looking to hide rather than battle it out. While Epic Games have been keen on trying to nerf building materials, it is still an issue.

However, the Heavy Sniper – which can shoot through walls – was going to change all that, right? Well, the dreams of wall-banging people from miles away are well and truly over. Why? Well, thanks to this clip from FaZe tfue, we found out that there is no bullet penetration.

No wall-bangs?!

As you can see from tfue’s reaction, he’s not too impressed; especially by a sniper that only has a few advantages over a blue bolt action.

While it does one shot any building, it makes no sense that the bullet doesn’t at least do some damage to players. It does 356 damage for a headshot and a whopping 1100 to buildings.

So, if you’re shooting someone through a wood wall, the bullet should destroy it and then do damage to the player – surely?!

While this would be a little annoying to play against, making the game a bit more random, it is is an obvious way to stop people from camping. Anyone who does want to sit in a structure now has to worry that they can get wall-banged.

Sadly though, it looks like we will have to hope that Epic changes it in the future, otherwise it might feel a bit weak. We will, however, have a full review of it up tomorrow, so hold tight for that.

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