Are tfue and Cloak the best Fortnite duo team?

FaZe once again proved they have two of the best Fortnite players in the World last night.

The first 20k Anything Goes tournament featured the likes of Ninja, Dr Lupo, and even SouljaBoy. But it was FaZe Tfue and FaZe Cloak who came away victors.

The pair, who have now won five 20k tournaments, played some of the best Fortnite you could imagine, taking apart entire teams.

This tournament was a little different to the one hosted by Keemstar – as the title of it suggests, literally anything is allowed; from knocking down opponent’s buildings, to stealing kills, or even impulsing them off the map.

Anything Goes

That opened up the possibility for unsportsman-like plays, but the FaZe duo won through incredible map management, and overall skill.

The pair were able to find teams and take them out solo. They also rotated so well, they effectively cut off Ninja and Hysteria’s chances of running into people.

Though during their tense second-round clash with Ninja and Hysteria, Cloak did knock Ninja’s stairs, killing him in the process; all but sealing the game.

In the final, they met with Vikkstar123 and eryctriceps in a pretty epic battle, eventually coming out on top – 31-21 winners.

With the first Fortnite pro season about to kick off, we cannot wait to see what tfue and Cloak can do as we expect them to have even more epic battles with TSM in the future.

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