Uh, some players are incredibly mad and think that Fortnite Season 5 is disappointing…

Fortnite Season 5 is here, and it is all exhilarating to have new content added to the game. However, incredibly, some fans are annoyed that their theories didn’t come to fruition.

There was so much hype surrounding Season 5, that some fans got a little ahead of themselves; coming up with Illuminati levels of crazy theories. Some believed that we were being sent back to ancient Greece and Rome while others thought it was all going to be Egyptian-themed.

Well, none of that actually happened. Instead, we got two new places, Lazy Links and Paradise Palms.

We didn’t really go back in time, but rather, the real world collided with the Fortnite world. This allowed Epic Games to add things like Vikings to the game, the level 100 skin being the ‘Ragnarok’; gotta love that Norse mythology.

Voice Your Complaints

Weirdly, people on Reddit and the rest of the internet got so excited by all the rumours, that a lot of them are now annoyed that they didn’t turn out to be correct.



Damn it Epic, why didn’t you just listen to the smart marks on Reddit and do what they said?!

Well, personally, the skins are a lot better than the previous season. In fact, I think I only really dislike the Sun Strider skin as it seems a little over-sexualised.

You can’t please everyone though, and to some fans Fortnite Season 5 is disappointing.

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