The new Fortnite Famas looks like it will be absolutely deadly!

A new weapon coming to Fortnite is a little like Christmas. You’re all excited about it; you play with the fancy new toy for the first day or so, and then you forget about it a week later.

While that might be the case for something like the mini-gun, the hand cannon or the LMG, it is unlikely it will be with the latest addition. So what is it? Well, imagine the SCAR but as a burst weapon – does that excite you? It should!


Is this the easiest way to win a game of Fortnite?

Yes, the latest weapon in Fortnite is the Famas which could be the most dangerous inclusion in the game. While the SCAR is a fantastic AR, many โ€“ including me โ€“ will tell you that burst weapons are better. There have been threads on Reddit, and plenty of discussion between my friends and me about which is better; the blue burst or the golden SCAR. Obviously, it is all personal preference, but if you have good aim, then you should be “one bursting” people, and that’s with shots to the body!

What else do we need to know about the weapon?

Well, not much has been released, but we do know that it is coming sometime today. One thing that has been revealed is that it is only going to drop in Epic and Legendary rarity. If that is anything to go by then, we know that it should do between 35 and 36 damage per shot.

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