A H1Z1 streamer tournament was recently announced, and we can’t wait for it!

What happens when you get the best streamers, allow them to make their own H1Z1 teams, and pit them all against one another? Well, thankfully we don’t have to imagine for too long, because the Versus The World competition will treat us to exactly that.

The likes of Shroud, FemSteph, TimTheTatMan and Summit1g are all taking part for the next five weeks – in for the chance to win a whopping $120,000 prize. With 60 streamers taking part, and each of them gaining points from their played games across the next 36 days, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in the H1Z1 steamer tournament.

Who are the teams?

The four teams are made up of professional streamers, with each having a captain, including:


  • FemSteph (Captain)
  • Traditions_
  • Krumme
  • HairyFrogBat
  • Wilds

The Broys

  • Shroud (Captain)
  • Just9n
  • Chad
  • JoshOG
  • ChocoTaco


Team 5head

  • TimTheTatMan (Captain)
  • Adren_TV
  • Lexcs
  • Fl0m
  • ActionJaxon

Aimers No Brainers

  • Summit1G (Captain)
  • MiniKerr
  • Shaffer
  • LydonFPS
  • Anything

Who is the best team?

Both Shroud and Summit have a seriously stacked squad, thanks to them enlisting former Counter-Strike pro players. The likes of Just9n, Chad and JoshOG (who got caught up in the CS betting scandal), make up a very strong team.

Summit1G’s team, on the other hand, has MiniKerr who has demonstrated how excellent he is at any, and all, shooters.

Regardless, I would say that Shroud’s team are the favourites, thanks to how capable all the team members are – but never rule out Summit and MiniKerr.

When does it start?

The competiti0n begins on the 9th of May and will run until the June 15th, when the grand final takes place.

Where can I watch it?

On any of the 60 streamers channels, just take your pick. I will likely be watching all four of the captains, with them probably providing the best coverage. Tim and Summit will offer plenty of laughs, while Steph and Shroud will have some top quality gameplay.

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