It looks like a Fortnite Season 5 shotgun nerf is here!

Fortnite Season 5 is live! The anticipation for this Season may just be one of the biggest in Fortnite history.

Epic Games have done an incredible job at creating hype around the event, with millions trying to log in as soon as the new Season went live. Unsurprisingly, it did crash the servers in the process.

While we all want to know what the new season has brought us – skins and other new shiny stuff – there has also been a huge patch added.

Despite having organised the launch of the brand new season, and adding new places to the map, there are so many additions and changes to the game.

Some of the most significant changes have been to the SMG; a weapon which became popular thanks to its minor recoil, and incredible damage.

Shotgun Changes

Another massive change was the way that shotguns work.

In the past, shotguns have seen numerous nerfs and changes, but this one feels both positive and negative.

The number of pellets that hit an enemy now appear on screen; giving players a good indication of their aim. Just as useful; it helps you know why their shotgun shot did the insane amount of damage that it did!

However, it does appear that you switch to shotguns slower meaning double pump meta is over again!

New Vehicle

Finally, there is the addition of the game’s first (we’re not counting the shopping cart) vehicle. The All-terrain Kart is a four-person cart that allows you to get across the new map not only faster but in style! More importantly, the roof acts as a bounce pad, which I’ve got a lot of time for.

Concerning the map and gameplay changes, the biggest news is there are two new locations; Paradise Palms and Lazy Links. There is also a desert terrain meaning it’s not just all grass – which will be a nice change of pace.

Map Updated:

  • New Biome: Desert
  • New Locations: Paradise Palms & Lazy Links
  • Portals:  portals will send you out to a random location somewhere in the circle.

The last really important change is that the storm will now move in random directions rather than getting smaller and smaller.

The very end-game has been pretty much boiled down to one person sitting in a bush in the circle and camping it out. With this change, it will stop that and mean that players will have to engage more often.

The centre of Storm circles 7, 8, and 9 can now shift in random directions (instead of simply shrinking). As the storm closes in, it will move & shrink to the new location.

We cannot wait to sink our teeth into Season 5 over the next 10 weeks and this does feel like Fortnite is only going to keep getting bigger and better from now on.

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