Fortnite’s fastest firing assault rifle is coming!

As was leaked last week, there is an all-new weapon coming to Fortnite this week; the Drum Gun.

It will fit in very nicely with the release of the 1930s and noir-inspired skins that have been released today; you can soon live out your private investigator fighting gangsters dream.

With the drum gun looking very much like a classic Tommy Gun – a staple of many World War Two shooters – we’re very excited.

That being said, let’s get even more hyped for it. Well, thankfully, we got you, and we can tell you everything you may want to know about the new weapon.

What rarity is it?

As alluded to in a previous article, it will only come in as an uncommon and rare so shouldn’t be too hard to come by.


What damage will they do?

26 for the uncommon and 27 for the rare one which is pretty standard for an assault rifle of that rarity.

How fast will it fire?

This is the good part! It has a fire rate of 9, which is the same as a silenced SMG, and twice as fast as a SCAR!

How much ammo can they hold?

The mag size is 50, which is pretty crazy meaning you could theoretically get 13 kills without needing to reload (assuming you had some sort of aimbot).

The reload will take three seconds; about the same as a bolt action sniper.

When will they be released?

Our best bet is either today (Tuesday 3rd July) or on Thursday.

Hopefully, though, Epic Games won’t break Playground by adding this new weapon because we REALLY want it!

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