This is what Esports to watch this weekend!

The Premier League is on, England play India in the Third Test and ITV are showing Lord of The Rings for the 12th time this year. So, if you are pulling your hair out thinking ‘what the heck will I watch’, well do not worry. There is so much esports action on this weekend that you won’t even need to get out of bed.

As usual, we’re going to pick three things we reckon you absolutely should watch and give you times and dates. This is just in case you do want to dip into a bit of Premier League or god forbid, Big Brother.

This weekend is an absolute doozy thankfully, and here are our three top pics.

The International – Dota 2

Sure, it’s only the group stage, but we should get a good idea of who is the inform team this year. On Saturday, we have two absolute belters of matches, with Evil Geniuses taking on Fnatic and Evil Geniuses facing off against Liquid.


Overwatch World Cup

This weekend is day two and three of the Incheon group, and we will be treated to seeing if Russia and South Korea can continue their dominance. Both sides have won seven games, with Korea dropping two games to Russia’s 1. However, both have won 2-0 matches each, meaning their clash on Sunday will be very telling.

On Saturday though we can see if Hong Kong and actually do anything after losing eight straight games so far. Then there is Finland who stands a very much outside chance of sneaking through.

Tekken/ DBFZ / Street Fighter all at Tokyo Masters

We could have gone to Rainbow Six Siege’s Paris Major. However, with three incredible events at the Tokyo Masters event, how could we not! Some of the best button bashers in the world fighting it out to see who is the best, how can you not want to watch this.

While I know bugger all about fighting esports, I will predict that there will be LOTS of weeb hair on show.

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