Olympic eSports is officially on the way…maybe!

Earlier this week we reported how Germany was hoping to put the final pieces in place to recognise eSports as a proper sport.

With the huge announcement would come a push to help eSports be considered as an Olympic sport – with an aim for the 2024 Olympic Games.

And it looks like we’re a step closer to Olympic eSports after the German coalition agreed that eSports should be recognised as a sport.

German eSports Association President (ESBD), Hans Jagnow, commented on the massive announcement, saying:

“This is a massive step forward for esports in Germany. We welcome the decision to fully commit to the process of making esports an official sport.

“The development is a new highlight in the dialogue between esports, politics and sports federations in recent months.

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“We hope that later this year we will see what has been a dream of German esports athletes for more than 20 years: the political, legal and social acceptance.”

This huge announcement means that eSports will get proper funding and there will be an amateur and official leagues established in the country.

eSports at the Olympics?

The main aim for this still seems to be to get eSports seen as an Olympic sport.

eSports beginning to create new wave of white-collar jobs

The International Olympic Committee already revealed late last year that they are considering the sport for future games – and the Asian Games in 2022 will feature competitive gaming.

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With the market forecast for 2022 to be 589 million viewers and more than $1bn in revenue.

Structure for the 2024 games will begin in 2019, so with we could definitely see eSports at the Paris games, especially with the IOC revealing:

“The youth are interested, let’s meet them.”

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