So, when will someone like Ninja win Fortnite Summer Skirmish?

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish events have been one of the biggest eye-opiners for ‘pro-players’.

The likes of Ninja, Myth, and Hamlinz have been struggling, with Myth never ranking in the top ten in an event. With their struggles has come the prominence of players from the Solo Showdown LTM. Guys like NotVivid, iDrop_Bodiez, and Reverse2k have become some of the top players in competitive. All of them had been entered into the Summer Skirmish event thanks to their performances in various Showdown LTM’s. While some of them may not have won the contests, their overall kill count and ability was seen by Epic Games, so were duly rewarded.

Interestingly, in a blog post titled ‘Summer Skirmish Midway Recap‘, even Epic pointed out how well these guys were doing.

Showdown players have really been able to make a name for themselves through the Summer Skirmish. One in particular who has quickly risen to the top is NotVivid. He placed 19th and 155th in the two Solo Showdowns but impressed with the consistent performances and high placings during Summer Skirmish. He has bookended the Friday Skirmishes so far, with victories in both Week 1 and Week 4.”

Another surprise player was Secret Domentos who was incredible in the Summer Skirmish but only finished 58th in the Solo Showdown.

Are big name Fortnite players not that good?

Secret Domentos was able to capture the 58th spot during the July Showdown, but his true potential showed in Week 4 of Summer Skirmish… Domentos was able to win 3 of the nine matches and racking up an impressive 19 eliminations (3rd highest, behind BlaxTV and Teekzy) storming up the ladder to capture the victory. He’s the only Summer Skirmish competitor to secure three Victory Royales in a single day of competition.”

With there set to be another four weeks of events, it looks like we are still going to see these guys dominate over the big names. Really, the only moderately big guys we have seen do well are Liquid Chap and Poach. They both have performed well solo and in their respective duos. So, will we see Myth, Ninja and co compete? Well, we’ll have to see as the Summer Skirmish continues.

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