Epic Games gives an update on Fortnite console mouse and keyboard lobbies.

A few weeks ago we reported that Epic Games were looking into problems with mouse and keyboard on console. However, it has been almost two weeks, and there hadn’t been any word from Epic on if they are fixing it.

If you are wondering what the problem was, fans are annoyed that console players can use a mouse and keyboard but still be put with controller users. This isn’t so much a problem in squads and duos because all platforms play together. In solos, however, it very much is a problem.

In recent months, we have seen console players do incredibly well in the Solo Showdown LTM. In fact, almost 90% of the top 50 players from each region were on console. This either suggests the gap between good and lousy console Fortnite players was massive; or some were using a mouse and keyboard.

Thankfully, Epic looks to be addressing the issue hopefully in the coming weeks. A post on Reddit asked why they hadn’t given us any updates on the matter got a good response from on Epic employee.

The original post

Epic did you forget? from FortNiteBR

Epic’s response

Epic had stated that there would be a patch this week as well as a state of the game blog post sometime on Thursday. Typically, these come out on Thursday afternoon around 3PM (BST), so we will likely find out tomorrow.

Fortnite fans will be hoping that the mouse and keyboard users will be put into their own lobby. This will undoubtedly help us have a better look at if controller users are actually the top players, or mouse and keyboard console players.

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