EA Sports FC 24 is just days away from early access release, with the new Evolutions system being added- who should you choose to level up?

Another year, another EA football game, this time it is EA Sports FC 24, following the partnership ending between EA and FIFA. Despite the name of the game-changing, the game is just as you know it to be from years gone by. As always there are additions to the game into the new year. HyperMotionV technology, new commentators, playstyles and women’s Ultimate Team players have all been introduced. One of the most exciting new features is evolutions.

What is EA Sports FC 24 Evolutions?

Ultimate Team Evolutions allows users to choose a player and level them up through objectives and increase their ratings. You can take any player below a certain rating, depending on the requirements a that given time and improve their card.

This isn’t just through stats, it can also be for skill moves, weak foot stars, playstyles, alternate positions as well as cosmetic upgrades so your player looks good and plays better. The visual upgrades will allow you to show off how much effort you’ve put into evolving your player.

Picture of Youssoufa Moukoko's Evolution in game
Image credit: Electronic Arts- screenshot from EA Sports FC YouTube channel- FC 24 Ultimate Team Official Deep Dive Trailer

There will be multiple Evolutions seasons throughout the year which will allow for constant upgrades. This will mean you can create players that no one else has. With that being said the players need to meet the requirements set, which after being upgraded, they may not.

Who to choose for EA Sports FC 24 Evolutions

There are leaked Evolutions that suggest that a maximum rating of 78 will be required to be eligible for an upgrade. With that being said there is no substance behind these rumors and as a result, we’ll look past it.

For this list we will look at players 80 rated or below, providing a range of different types of players.

Youssoufa Moukoko (77 rated)

The man who was used in the example of this feature on EA Sports FC 24 Pitch Notes, Moukoko could be a very useful striker.

Picture of Youssoufa Moukoko's Evolution
Image credit: Electronic Arts- screenshot from EA Sports FC YouTube channel- FC 24 Ultimate Team Official Deep Dive Trailer

His regular card comes with a four-star weak foot and skill moves which will become five-star, five-star once at full Evolution. In his first upgrade, he reaches 84 pace, 81 dribbling and 80 shooting which is a good starter striker card.

For starter teams, he also receives a perfect link to Karim Adeyemi who is one of the best cards for the early weeks. Come to his level three Evolution, he reaches 90 paces and 89 shooting. With a chemistry style to boost his dribbling, he will be a beast.

He comes with useful links and represents a great starter option which may be one of the most popular choices.

Mykhailo Mudryk (75 Overall)

Mudryk already has a great starter card and his regular gold rare card will be a useful item for the opening week. His level one upgrade will take him to 95 pace which would make him the third fastest player in the game.

The Ukrainian is let down slightly by his shooting and physical stats, however, with 70 and 60 respectively on his first upgrade. His level two and three upgrades see him reach 99 pace which would make him a great option, even if it is just off the bench.

By increasing him to his top Evolution, he will have 85 dribbling and 78 shooting. With a finisher or deadeye chemistry style, the Chelsea winger could be a versatile and electric option at a very cheap price.

Michael Olise (78 Overall)

A similar option to Mudryk but comes with French links and much more well-rounded stats. Even on his level one Evolution, he comes with 85 pace and dribbling stats.

An 84 rated card comes next which possesses similar stats but obviously slightly improved on the first level. The level three upgrade is where this one starts to make sense. An 87 rated card for free at the start of the game, he could be deadly.

A very well-rounded attacker who can play on the left or right wing, as a striker or a central attacking midfielder.

As the latter, with 93 pace, 82 shooting, 83 passing and 89 dribbling he could be an unbelievable CAM. It is likely he will be too highly rated to be upgraded again, maybe until much later in the game cycle.

This factor is the only thing that really lets him down.

Renato Sanches (78 Overall)

A less attack-minded option but one that could be very useful all year round.

Even on his regular card, all his stats are over 70, but with three upgrades he could become one of the best centre midfielders in the game. On his first Evolution, he grows to 85 pace and physical with high 70/ low 80s in all his other stats.

But Sanches’ second upgrade is pretty great.

A CM, defensive midfielder, or a center back with 88 pace, 84 passing, 83 dribbling and 82 defending. As a versatile midfield option, depending on his price early on in the game, he may be an ideal option if you rock Serie A teams.

Then comes his final Evolution. His only stat below 80 is 74 shooting which can easily be rectified with a chemistry style. A top card that is for sure and if you don’t want to go attacking for your first Evolution, he could be your man.

Micky van de Ven (78 Overall)

Another Premier League option but there is good reason for this inclusion.

Like Mudryk at the start of this list, the Tottenham Hotspur man represents great value for coins at the start of the game. His first Evolution takes him up to an 82 rated card with 88 pace, 84 dribbling and physical. An already great early card.

This card just gets more and more overpowered the more it upgrades with his final card reaching 94 pace, 92 defending and 90 physical. Standing at 6’4 and lengthy, he could be an unbelievable card to use all year round.

As a 78 rated to begin with, he will be a cheap card at the beginning of the game and if you can get through his Evolution quickly, you’ll be good. The choice is up to the user and will likely be based on who you support or who you like personally.

If you are more interested in meta choices that will be great in-game, then these five are pretty good bets.

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