It looks like the Fortnite silenced AR is a thing of beauty.

The latest Fortnite patch has seen the removal of one of the most popular weapons in the game’s history, the Drum Gun. It has also seen us given a new assault rifle in the form of the Epic and Legendary Silenced Assault Rifle.

Despite only being added to the game a few months ago, the Drum Gun has now been vaulted. Crossing the boundary between an SMG and an assault rifle, the Drum Gun saw heavy usage from most players. With it being able to melt targets up close and to mid-range, it was extremely popular.

While players may be annoyed it has been removed; it looks like its replacement will be an excellent one. The silenced AR will become only the third silenced weapon to be added.

How rare is it?

Like the SCAR, it comes in only Epic or Legendary variations.

How do I find them?

Usual places, floor loot, chests, supply drops and vending machines. The vending machines will charge 300 materials for a purple version.

How much damage do they do?

32 per shot for a purple and 33 for gold. This means they will be around four shot kills at 100 health and up to 8 or 9 for 200.

Is it good?

Certainly feels that way at the moment. However, you are rewarded for precision, rather than spraying and praying. This is a subtle shift in the meta, allowing for a more skilled approach to fights.

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