It looks like there will be a Dr Disrespect tournament.

It seems like everyone, and their nana is starting weekly gaming tournaments. We have seen the likes of Keemstar and Ninja run events that have all been incredibly successful.

Now we could be getting some exciting tournaments organised by Dr Disrespect. The Doc is one of the most followed streamers around, with more than 2 million Twitch followers. This added with his immense popularity on PUBG makes him a man that can bring in plenty of big names to a tournament.

Speaking on his one of his streams, the Doc – aka Guy Beahm – revealed his plans for a tournament.

Dr Disrepect’s statement

I don’t want to delay it anymore; I’m going to be starting my own tournaments… We’ll have more of an official announcement later on once it’s all polished out.”

It’s going to be the next level. Money on the line…”

While that was pretty much it when it came to an announcement, and he is yet to make an official announcement, we are expecting big things. With him having a good relationship with Summit, Shroud, and Ninja, he should have no problems getting big names on board with any tournament he wants to start.

However, we do hope that he will add some smaller name streamers or high rankers on leaderboards. In the Fortnite Summer Skirmish, some of the best players have been those who ranked very highly in Showdown events.

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