Why would a Dota 2 pro cheat?

Dota 2 team ‘Thunder Predator’ have been disqualified after one of their players was found using macros.

Juan “Atuun” Ochoa was caught effectively cheating during his team’s qualifier to be part of the 2018 International later this year. Not only did Ochoa get caught out, but his team have been booted out of a whopping £11 million prize pool; one that would have been on the line if they had qualified.

Fans Find the Foul

During the best of three games against Brazillian side ‘SG e-sports’, many fans noticed something a little dodgy going on with Ochoa’s Meepo.

They claimed that Meepo’s ‘poof’ ability was being cast way too quickly to be legitimate. If you don’t know, it allows you to teleport another Meepo in to do some small area of effect damage.

If you gang up on someone with them, you can really overwhelm an opponent. However, because you need to control each cast individually, there is a bit of time between each attack.

So, this is where the macros come in – while Ochoa was casting Meepo’s poof. He was doing it so quickly that Reddit user ‘caiovigg’ did some sleuthing.

He provided a video with the kill-log, which just about proved everyone else’s fears. Ochoa had been using a hotkey on his mouse; thanks to the Razer Synapse app.

While something like script ‘cheating’ is illegal, hotkeys entirely are, with an old dev post stating: Using console/autoexec.cfg etc. to create macro is not. This includes, but not limited to, invoker/meepo/enigma etc (combo) scripts etc.”

Anything non-default that actively helps you play your game is cheating except some very specific exception like hotkey remapping. Scripts that perform micro/macro do not fall into these exceptions.”

Despite Thunder Awaken winning the game, they eventually got disqualified and will be ruing their decision to use macros.

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