There is going to be a Fortnite wrestler skin – how exciting!

According to a Fortnite data-miner, there are several items yet to be released in Season 5.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the new season, and the skins did not disappoint; with the Ragnorak giving us all a reason to get to level 100 as soon as possible. Along the way to level 100, you will see some brilliant skins, emotes, and other nice cosmetics.

Bring on the Skins

According to @Siloxleaks, several new skins are coming to the game – which will undoubtedly be an easy cash-grab for Epic Games. Interestingly, two of the skins have actually been released today; the Fortune and Moniker skins – which are arguably the worst of the bunch.

Two that we are really looking forward to getting our hands on are the two luchador skins – Masked Fury and Dynamo. Hopefully, we will get a Tope Con Hilo emote, too!

The Chomp SNR will be one that we really want to secure so we could match it up with the Chomp JR pickaxe that was first released back in Season 2.

There has been no time confirmation given on these cosmetics, so you will have to keep checking on the store to make sure you don’t miss out on any that you may want. We will say though, that the Viking and Norse-themed skins are totally amazing.

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