Daequan Blacks Ops 4 streams are likely to be coming soon as Fortnite grows ‘stale’.

Professional Fortnite player Daequan has shared his thoughts on the current Fortnite meta and the future of his channel.

Daequan has been one of the most entertaining Fortnite streamers over the past year, with his hilarious catch-phrases and positive attitude becoming infectious. Since he started streaming Fortnite, he has become a member of TSM and earned a whopping $45,000 through the three Summer Skirmish events.

However, while Fortnite is bringing home the money for Deaquan, he is not happy about the current meta of the game. Speaking on his live stream, he lambasted the new meta of just spray and pray tactics.


Daequan on Fortnite being stale

This meta change came about following the nerfs to materials and shotguns and buffs to submachine guns. In fact, he also mentioned that he was looking forward to the Call of Duty Blackout mode and hoped that he could transfer to that as well.

As he points out in this clip, Fortnite will die, but his channel will hopefully still be around for a long time.

We’re looking forward to seeing if Daequan does stick by his word to playing Blackout when the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 beta launches later this week.

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